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Benefits of Anise Tea

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The Star Anise has great benefits for your health, that by consuming them in the form of tea they contribute to quit some discomforts, besides having a delicious flavor.

Among the main benefits are its digestive properties. Anise tea contributes to improve the digestion of food, open appetite, avoid flatulence and abdominal inflammation, in addition to helping in the treatment of some stomach pains.

Additionally, Anise contributes to the proper functioning of the metabolism, helping to burn fat and thereby lose weight. It also helps relieve some discomforts related to pre-menstrual syndrome.

Anise tea is very easy to prepare, place a cup of water in a bowl and put it to boil, when it is boiling, lower the heat and add a tablespoon of star anise, let boil for 3 minutes and turn off, then leave it rest for 5 more minutes. Pour the tea into a cup, strain the seeds and sweeten with honey or stevia, if desired.

Our Anise Soap combines the properties of goat's milk with the benefits of Anise. It moisturizes and helps the circulation of the skin, in addition to helping to reaffirm it. Its delicious aroma is considered an aphrodisiac.

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