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Benefits of Goat's Milk

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At Migo Natural Co. we use goat's milk as the basis of our products, since it has a great variety of nutrients that are absorbed by the skin, nutrients that are not found in other soaps. This helps keep the skin hydrated and healthy, while also helping to treat some skin conditions.

Used since ancient times, especially in the countries of the Mediterranean, goat's milk is being increasingly demanded in cosmetics for its excellent results.

Let's start with the PH, or acidity level of goat's milk. The PH contained in this milk shares characteristics very similar to the PH of our skin, which helps to restore the natural balance acting as a defense against the possible bacteria that may come into contact with the skin.

Another notable difference is that goat milk, unlike other milks, has lipoproteins (fat globules) of very small size, so small that they transport nutrients and water to our skin through cell's membranes more easily.

The goat's milk we use for Migo Natural Co.'s products is 100% organic and comes from nomadic peoples found in the mountains, which ensures that it does not go through industrial processes. The combination of goat's milk with extra-virgin oils and organic ingredients allows us to offer you the best soaps for the care of your skin.

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