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Chemicals in Common Soaps

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Surely you have noticed that at Migo Natural Co. we constantly say that our soaps are 100% natural and free of chemicals. But you may wonder ... What are the chemicals present in common soaps and how can they affect my health or my skin?

The following chemicals are just some of those you can find in shampoos, creams, shaving gels, makeup, topical medications and even some toothpastes. Although, we do not pretend to be an authority in scientific terms, we share some data that we have obtained based on our research in reliable sources:

  • Parabens: They work as preservatives and prevent fungi from being produced. They can cause hormonal alterations and allergies in the skin. They are currently under investigation to see if they are related to some types of breast cancer.

  • Lauryl Ether Sodium Sulfate: It works as a detergent and is what helps soaps to foam. Very irritable in high concentrations, in addition, its detergent functions tends to dry the skin.

  • Titanium dioxide: Dye widely spread in different products. It is also used as a reflector of solar radiation in sunscreens. While the FDA lists it as safe, the International Agency for Research on Cancer positions it as "possibly carcinogenic to humans." The investigation is still ongoing.

We can not assure you that these chemicals will harm you in the short, medium or long term, but as the saying goes: "Better safe than sorry". Migo Natural Co.'s soaps are free of all chemicals, including those already mentioned.

All our soaps are made with 100% natural ingredients, so you can have the confidence that besides cleaning your skin, we nourish it with the vitamins, minerals and properties of goat's milk and each of the ingredients of our soaps. In fact, all our soaps can be used by people of any age.

Are we one of the so-called "miracle products" that often put your health at risk? No way! Our products are registered and endorsed by COFEPRIS, an entity in Mexico that is responsible for ensuring that the products you use do not cause any kind of damage. So you can have all the confidence that the use of our soaps, far from damaging your skin, will help you to recover step by step.

Meet our wide variety of soaps, all based on goat milk, on our website: and #SpoilYourBody


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