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Exfoliate your Skin

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How often do you exfoliate or scrub your skin? While there are many people who make sure to give this "maintenance" to the skin, most do not perform this activity. What are the benefits of exfoliation? How can I do it properly? We will answer those questions.

Our body is wonderful. It has repair and maintenance systems that allow it to stay as healthy as possible. This includes the skin, which naturally makes sure to remove harmful substances, dead cells and other debris. However, since we live increasingly exposed to pollution in the environment and a less healthy lifestyle, it is good to contribute to our body in the care of the skin.

The exfoliation consists basically in scrubbing the skin with an abrasive product suitable for this. Put another way, it is "polish" our skin almost the same way you would polish the paint on your car. Just as polishing your car's paint gives it a new shine and makes it look more radiant, in the same way the exfoliation removes the dead cells of the epidermis, gets rid of the damaged superficial tissue and stimulates the natural renewal of those cells. The massage performed during the exfoliation helps to eliminate cellulite, while stimulating circulation. Everything translates into a more radiant skin, with more shine and silkiness.

However, it is very important to be careful when performing the exfoliation process, since otherwise, you could damage your skin. That's why we recommend you follow these tips:

  • Never exfoliate dry. Make sure your skin is always wet, otherwise, you could mistreat your skin and dry it out extremely.

  • Always use the right product. The products to exfoliate the skin of the body are very different from those used on the face or those used on the feet. Using a very abrasive product on the face, for example, can have negative effects and cause irritation. There are also very sensitive skins that require softer exfoliants.

  • Perform a gentle massage during the exfoliation. This stimulates circulation and helps eliminate cellulite.

  • Do not exfoliate if your skin is damaged. Be careful with the wounds, as well as with the skin burns, since you could provoke a severe irritation with the exfoliant.

  • Moisturize your skin. Once the exfoliation has been done, make sure to thoroughly remove the product you have used and apply a moisturizing product on your clean skin.

If you include exfoliation as part of your beauty routine, your skin will thank you looking radiant and smooth. It is recommended to do it once a week, and try that this process become also a moment of relaxation and comfort for your body.

Migo Natural Co.'s soaps contain natural exfoliants, such as our Seawater Soap, which uses fine sea sand as an exfoliant, and also has moisturizing properties, such as our goat's milk in addition to natural oils. #SpoilYourBody



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