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How Tobacco Affects your Skin

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To smoke or not to smoke? It is a personal decision. But that does not make less valid the hundreds of scientific studies that prove the harmful effects of tobacco on the general health of those who smoke and those around them. On this occasion, we will talk about how tobacco affects the health of your skin.

The skin is the largest organ of the body, therefore, one of the most affected by the harmful effects of tobacco. Let's see some of the damage that is reflected in the skin of a smoker:

  • The skin of the face is the most affected: This for obvious reasons... besides the internal contamination of tobacco smoke, the skin of the face is the most exposed, causing it to dry and crack.

  • Pronounced wrinkles: The wrinkles of a smoker are much more pronounced and deeper than those of a person who does not smoke. This is because tobacco causes premature aging of the skin by depriving the cells of enough oxygen.

  • Stains and opaque skin: The dehydration and lack of oxygenation produced by the effects of tobacco on the skin cause it to become dry, rough and opaque, taking away its natural shine, as well as causing unpleasant purple spots on the skin, a product of the lack of oxygenation.

  • Skin cancer: Although someone who does not smoke can be exposed to skin cancer if exposes too much and carelessly to UV rays (to name just one example), it is also proven that in people who smoke, the chances of suffering (also) skin cancer increase considerably.

Unfortunately for those who smoke, there is nothing that "compensates" the affectations suffered by the body and skin by the use of tobacco. Neither the creams, nor soaps, nor any type of product stop the damage of the tobacco in the organism or in the skin. In addition, many of the skin damage can be totally irreversible.

So after considering these aspects of the damage that tobacco causes to your skin and your organism... Don't you think that taking care of your health is enough reason to put out that last cigarette? #SpoilYourBody

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