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Meet the Argan Oil

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Called also as "The Gold of Morocco", Argan oil has positioned itself as one of the favorites of the cosmetic industry for its many properties for skin care and health.

Although there are both edible and cosmetic varieties of argan oil, we will concentrate on the oil for cosmetic use, which differs in properties of edible oil, given the processes used to obtain it.

Argan oil is rich in essential fatty acids (more than 70%) as well as having high concentrations of Vitamin E, the famous vitamin for the skin. One of the main fatty acids contained in argan oil is Omega-6, which contributes significantly to hydration and skin care.

Its great moisturizing power makes it ideal for treating stretch marks, wrinkles, extreme dryness of knees and elbows, as well as the irritation caused by sunburn, as it is also a powerful anti-inflammatory. It also has antiseptic properties, so some have used it for the treatment of acne.

All our goat milk soaps include Argan Oil as part of the extra virgin essential oils that our formulas include. This way, you can have all the benefits of "Gold of Morocco" on your skin, as well as the rest of our 100% natural ingredients. Know our products and their properties on our Products page and #ConsentTuCorpo.


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