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Moisturize or Hydrate?

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Surely you have heard about products to moisturize the skin, as well as about products to hydrate it, but... Do you know what is the difference between moisturize and hydrate?

First, both are different actions at the cellular level. Let's explain one by one:

Moisturize: It is the process by which the skin absorbs and retains moisture. Moisturizing creams tend to form light barriers in the skin so that it does not lose moisture during the course of the day.

Hydrate: It acts in the deepest layers and restores the water and some nutrients necessary for the cellular functions of the skin. The hydrating creams act by repairing the skin cells, contributing to their well-being.

So think about using moisturizing products for the daily care of your skin, for example, day cream; and hydrating products for repair, such as night cream, which acts at the cellular level.

The soaps from Migo Natural Co. contain moisturizing ingredients (Honey Bee Soap) as hydrating (Avocado Soap). Choose the one that is most suitable for your needs.


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