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Oats and its benefits

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Oats are one of the best known cereals in the world. In ancient times it was the basis of the diet of many cultures and some consider it as a super-cereal. Undoubtedly, we have all enjoyed breakfast with oatmeal, or we have consumed some product made with oats.

Oats are the sixth most consumed cereal by humans, in part because it contains numerous nutrients that contribute to good nutrition and health. For example, oats are high in fiber and vegetable proteins. Both contribute to have a feeling of fullness when eating, hence it is recommended in some weight control diet plans.

The low content of simple sugars and the presence of fiber and slow-absorbing carbohydrates in oats, help control blood glucose levels, improve constipation problems and even lose weight. Some athletes use it because it provides energy for long periods of time, without the caloric weight of other cereals.

In addition, oats are a significant source of compounds with antioxidant properties, such as Vitamin E, which is known for its great benefits on the skin. In addition, its moisturizing properties and the set of antioxidants that it has, helps keep the skin in good condition.

Our Oatmeal Soap prevents cracking of the skin and helps reduce stretch marks. It also works as a light exfoliant that contributes to the control of acne.

#SpoilYourBody with a balanced diet and proper care of your skin!


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