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Take Care of your Health this Holidays

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These holidays parties are occasions of great joy and coexistence with family and friends. During these moments we accompany our parties with delicious dishes and a wide variety of drinks, many of them alcoholic.

Although these holidays are for everyone's rejoicing, if we do not have the proper care they could end up affecting our health considerably. That's why we give you some basic tips to take care of your health during these holidays.

  • Do not overeat: This is a season that we accompany with a lot of food. However, if you neglect moderation, you can end up with severe indigestion, gastritis, gastroenteritis (if the food is not prepared with enough hygiene and care) and even hemorrhoids! Make sure that the food is prepared properly and it is preferable to consume it in small portions, which will give you the opportunity to enjoy more dishes.

  • Drink enough water: This is an important point. During the winter weather we usually leave the intake of water a little aside. Make sure you keep consuming enough natural water. Remember that coffee, punch, soft drinks, beer and other beverages do not substitute drinking enough natural water.

  • Beware of alcohol excess: Alcohol dehydrates, so the excess in its consumption will produce the famous hangover. It also helps your skin dry more easily. And very important... If you drink, for no reason you must drive.

  • Beware with the consumption of sugars: During the holiday season the consumption of sweets and desserts increases, and with it the intake of sugars. Some wines, ciders and prepared cocktails also include large amounts of sugar. Opt for small portions.

  • Wrap up well: It will depend a lot on the climate where you live, but in the northern hemisphere it is winter, and usually they are from the coldest times of the year. Make sure you wear clothes that are warm enough for the occasion, especially if you will participate in outdoor events.

They may seem too obvious advice, but we must also recognize that we tend to neglect these points during the holidays. Remember that the more we take care of ourselves, the more opportunities we will have to enjoy great moments with family and friends.

At Migo Natural Co. we take this opportunity to wish you to continue having happy holidays and have an great 2019. #SpoilYourBody


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