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Wash Your Face Twice A Day

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Washing your face every day may be one of the most obvious beauty and skin care routines. However, it is important to know why it is essential to ensure this routine every day, and even more, why it is important to do it at least twice a day.

First of all... remember that the skin of your face, like the skin of the rest of the body, secretes sweat, and with it, the fats and waste of the skin. This is a natural function of the body and if the body did not do so, there would be a risk of accumulating waste and toxins that eventually end up damaging the health of the skin.

However, if we allow this waste to remain on the skin for a long time, it will end up mixing with the dirt in the environment (in all environments there are tiny particles of dust suspended in the air, which adhere to the skin). Consequently, this mixture will end up clogging the pores of the skin, causing them to clog and generate the famous pimples.

When should I wash my face?

  • First: In the mornings. Remember that the skin is constantly renewed. So when you wash your face in the morning you eliminate the waste and dead cells that originate during the night, preventing them from remaining on the skin and later mixing with the dirt in the environment.

  • Second: At night. Throughout the day your skin will secrete fats and dust particles from the environment will adhere to it. By washing your face at night, or when you arrive at your home, you eliminate the dirt that has accumulated, leaving your pores clean so that the natural processes of renewing the skin are carried out. Also, if you use makeup, you should make sure to remove it completely.

It is obvious that if during the day you are in environments with high exposure to dust and dirt, it may be necessary to wash your face on more occasions than we mentioned.

How can I make sure that the skin of the face is not dry when washed?

This is where the soaps from Migo Natural Co. help you ensure a deep cleaning, but at the same time they provide you with adequate moisture and hydration, so that your skin does not dry out. The goat milk present in all our soaps gives you a moisturization to the deepest layers of the skin, so you will not suffer from dryness by washing the skin of your face.

Find the ideal soap for your skin type. Enter our website and know the benefits of our products.


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