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What is the use of Agave Syrup?

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If you are not familiar with the agave, we will summarize its main use with one word: Tequila. But besides being the ingredient for this traditional drink, agave has many interesting applications, today we will concentrate on the honey or syrup that is obtained from the agave.

Agave syrup has been used as an alternative sweetener to conventional sugar, since its glycemic index (the speed with which it is absorbed in the blood) is much lower than traditional sugar. Agave syrup tastes delicious and is free of many of the industrial processes through which refined sugar passes, in addition to containing minerals such as calcium. Obviously, as in any sweetener, it is also important to be moderate in consumption, in addition to always looking for the less processed versions of agave syrup.

How does agave syrup help us on the skin? First, it has anti-microbial properties, so it is useful for the treatment of acne and other skin infections. The properties of agave syrup also help to strengthen and moisturize sensitive skin, as it helps to prevent skin irritation.

If you combine the properties of agave syrup with other natural moisturizing elements, such as goat's milk and the extra-virgin oils of our Agave Syrup Soap, you get an excellent treatment to moisturize delicate and sensitive skin, helping to maintain elasticity and softness of the skin.

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