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What makes a product "Organic"?

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At Migo Natural Co. we have 18 varieties of soaps, 100% Organic Soaps. But... Have you ever wondered what makes a product organic? We explain it to you below:

A product called Organic is a product that is obtained without using ingredients, additives or synthetic processes, that is, substances or processes that are not created or carried out naturally. For example, organic crops are grown in well-tended soils, which encourage the rotation of crops to preserve soil nutrients, in addition, avoiding the use of pesticides and chemicals that may represent a risk in their consumption.

Far from being just a fad, the consumption of organic products has helped to sensitize people about the care of their body and health, while achieving a "maintenance" of our natural resources.

With this trend, which has grown considerably over time, has been encouraged the development of small producers, as well as the consumption of local products, in some cases contributing to improving the economy of families and communities.

The ingredients that we use to produce the soaps of Migo Natural Co. are ingredients that can be classified as Organic, in addition to the use of traditional methods in the production of our soaps. We avoid the use of chemicals and synthetic substances. All this ensures that what you put on your skin is 100% natural and that it helps preserve and improve the condition of your skin.

Know our 18 varieties of 100% organic soaps, as well as the ingredients and benefits of each, in our PRODUCTS section. #SpoilYourBody



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