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Where does the milk from our soaps come from?

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The main ingredient of our soaps is Goat Milk. We choose this ingredient as a base for the large amount of nutrients it contains and for its great benefits for the care of the entire skin.

However, since there are so many industrialized products on the market, you may have wondered where the milk of our soaps comes. Here we tell you

The milk of our soaps comes from nomadic peoples of a region of Mexico known as Los Altos de Jalisco, obviously in the state of Jalisco. This is a region famous for being the cradle of great Mexican traditions, such as Tequila, or Charrería. It is in this region where the herders take care of their herds of goats in the mountains, without these being locked up and subjected to stress and exploitation of industrial processes. This type of care is known as "Free Shepherding".

In addition to all this, the goats feed only of the grass sprouts of the field, without being given another type of processed food, and under no circumstances are hormones or chemical products administered. That is why we have full confidence that we are using raw ingredients of the highest quality, as well as ensuring 100% natural and organic origin.

All these benefits translate into a 100% natural soap of organic origin, which is completely free of chemicals, preservatives or anything that is not natural. Discover the 18 varieties of goat milk soaps in our online store and #ConsienteTuCuerpo with the highest quality products.


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