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Your Baby's Skin

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Undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful synonyms of softness and tenderness is the skin of a baby. We are all glad to touch your delicate and soft skin, free in most cases of contaminants, scars and damage because of aging.

As we have mentioned before, the skin represents the first barrier of the body against infections, and in the case of babies this takes on special relevance, as their skin is still delicate and susceptible, hence the need to take care of it properly.

We share some basic tips for the care of your baby's skin, tips that will surely help baby's skin to adequately fulfill its function, while remaining as smooth as we love.

  • Be careful with the bath: The water temperature should be adequate, it is usually recommended that the water is warm, so that the baby is in the greatest possible comfort. Always check the temperature to avoid being too hot or too cold. The soap that you use must be neutral and suitable for the skin of the baby, as well as free of abrasives, to avoid irritating it. And it is very important that you make sure of drying baby's skin very well, mainly in the folds that are formed, always using a clean towel and preferably 100% cotton.

  • Watch the diaper change: Diaper change is often neglected in time. Remember that the diaper is made of synthetic materials, and although they are announced as the most natural thing in the world, they are not. So constantly monitor that your baby does not wear a dirty diaper, otherwise, your baby's skin will be irritated and terrible diaper rash will come. Allows periods of time when your baby can be without a diaper so that his skin "breathes" properly.

  • Keep your baby away from polluting factors: Avoid as much as possible the baby's contact with dust, smoke, excess of sunlight and any environment that could contaminate the baby's skin. Do not expose your baby to tobacco smoke for any reason (for many reasons we mentioned earlier).

  • Use suitable moisturizers: Keep your baby's skin hydrated with products suitable for your skin. They are usually natural products with neutral pH. These will help you to strengthen the baby's skin's resistance. Use the recommended amounts and avoid using them in excess. Discontinue use if you notice any signs of redness, irritation or a rash.

The Goat Milk Soaps from Migo Natural Co. are formulated with 100% natural ingredients, in addition to having a neutral pH, so you can use them in your baby with all the confidence in the world. An example is our Agave Syrup Soap, which helps to moisturize extremely sensitive skin.

#SpoilYourBody and your baby's skin with products of Migo Natural Co.



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