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Migo Natural Co. ™ was founded in October 2016, with the idea of creating a organic cosmetic product. 

We knew we wanted to use goat milk as the main ingredient for our products, since it has a lot of nutrients that are absorbed by the skin. Some of these nutrients can not be found in many other soaps. The properties of goat milk keep skin hydrated, healthy and in some cases aids in the prevention and treatment of skin related disorders*. 

Our wide variety of soaps combine goat milk with natural oils and other organic ingredients. This allows us to have a specific solution for every skin need.

At Migo Natural Co. ™ we strive to be recognized internationally, both for the organic quality and our unique handcraft processes.

Migo Natural Co. Organic Soaps

Why choose the Migo Natural Co. ™ products?

All of our ingredients are edible, natural and artisanal. Our artisanal manufacturing serves as the foundation of creating a high quality product as opposed to mass production or the use of machinery.  This allows us to guarantee that the use of our products will never be harmful or will cause undesired side effects.

Why choose organic products?

In todays soap industry most products come from industrialized processes that contain chemical ingredients of dubious origin or quality. Unlike other industries Migo Natural Co. ™ strives to use only organic ingredients, since we trust that nature gives us the benefits that chemical products can never provide to our skin.

Why choose handcrafted processes?

Our mission is to provide a safe, organic and medicinal product that you and your skin will love. Therefore, we consider that the elaboration of our products must be done without industrial procedures and through controlled artisan processes. We make sure to keep our ingredients under a controlled temperature, from their extraction to their use in the elaboration of the products. We dry our soaps through a natural process which lasts fifteen days, in an environment free of chemical alterations. And since our soaps are made with natural ingredients we can ensure that our products do not suffer alterations or expire with time.

Where does the goat milk used by Migo Natural Co. ™ come from?

Our milk comes from locally raised goats from the southern altiplano or high plane. The altiplano is the land between the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range to the west and the Sierra Madre Oriental to the east in Mexico. There nomadic people raise, feed and hand-milk the goats, this ensures that we do not operate through the standard industrial process. In addition, these goats also feed from their natural habitat producing milk that is sweet and full of herbal aromas. All of which you can experience through our soaps. 

What type of moisturizing oils does Migo Natural Co. ™ products use?

Our products include a variety of extra-virgin oils, such as olive, sweet almonds, avocado, grape, palm, coconut and argan.

Who can use the Migo Natural Co. ™ products?

Since our products are made from 100% natural ingredients, they can be used by people of all ages, from babies to seniors, as well as all skin types.

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