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How to Lose the Extra Pounds you Got on December

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December is undoubtedly one of the months of the year with more parties and celebrations. We are not just talking about Christmas dinner and New Year's dinner. In December abound the social gatherings, be it with friends, with colleagues or with family, because we do not want to disappoint anyone. These meetings are characterized by their delicious food and drinks that accompany them, in addition to that in the winter we all love the dessert... or will it be throughout all the year?.

The point is that we usually close the year with some extra pounds, which generate remorse once the month ends and the new year begins. And let's not forget the famous phrase: "I will put on a diet on January" (which we always say while we serve the second portion of dessert)

What can we do to get rid of those extra pounds that we accumulated during December? The answer is simple... and most likely you already know: We must have a balanced diet and regular exercise.

And we all expect that magic pill or the miraculous diet that burns fat, detoxifies the body, helps us lose weight and, at the same time, tones the body. And although we all know that these things do not yet exist, we hope that with the remedies that we found at social networks, or with the diet that our co-worker did, without making any effort, we will lose weight.

The sad reality is that the only way to achieve the ideal weight and figure is through a balanced diet and constant exercise. Unfortunately for everyone, this takes more time than we want, or implies sacrifices that we are not willing to make.

If your purpose for this new year is to lose weight, why do not you set realistic and achievable goals? Work long-term and divide your goals into smaller objectives, thus achieving better results. For example, if you want to lose 10 pounds, why do not you propose to lose only one pound per month? It is much easier to mentalize and work on losing a pound this month, than to think about 10 pounds.

Monitor and reward your achievements, but not with food. Do not forget to get advice about the food and the type of exercise you should do. It is true that we all want something that allows us to get rid of overweight immediately, but that does not exist. Extremist diets only confuse your metabolism, and once you leave them, you will usually end up with more pounds than you had, not to mention that some of them may represent risks to your health.

Think about this for a moment... If a year ago you had proposed to lose a pound a month, you would have lost 12 pounds today. It's never too late to start. If you do it properly, you will develop healthy habits, totally beneficial for your health, and that in the long term will help you to always stay at your ideal weight. #SpoilYourBody


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