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Stains? Use Honey Bee

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We all enjoy the sweet taste of honey bee in desserts, accompanying delicious Hot-cakes, or sweetening our tea. However, you may wonder how Honey Bee can benefit your skin.

For millennia, honey has been used in different health treatments. In the tombs of the great pharaohs used to be found vases of honey, in perfect condition, despite the thousands of years that had passed over them. And is that honey is one of the few foods that do not suffer deterioration over time.

Bee honey contains sugars, which act as light exfoliants for the skin, giving it a great softness to the touch. It also contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals, nutrients that also benefit the body by consuming it, they also provide hydration and health to the skin from the outside.

On this occasion we will highlight the fact that honey contains hydrogen peroxide, a substance that we know as oxygenated water and that has been used for a long time to whiten and remove stains of the skin.

So do not hesitate to include honey in your skin treatments. At Migo Natural Co. we simplify the process by including it in our Honey Bee Soap, which also combines 100% virgin oils with goat milk, providing a combo of essential nutrients for skin hydration. #SpoilYourBody


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