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Wrinkles? Almonds!

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Almonds, those delicious nuts that we all love, have great properties that will help you in many aspects of your health, but today we will talk mainly about the care of your skin and the treatment against wrinkles.

Almond oil has been one of the most widely used oils in cosmetology, since they have a large amount of the valuable vitamin E, "the skin's vitamin", they also has a high concentration of antioxidants and omega-3, all working together to improve the appearance of your skin, hair and nails.

Almond oil is used by many people to give facial massages that aim to reduce wrinkles and expression lines of the face. Our Almond Soap simplifies the process by combining the benefits of natural almonds with extra-virgin oils, including almond oil, as well as goat's milk, which contains a high concentration of vitamin E. All this set helps to soften, reduce wrinkles and moisturize mature skin, greatly improving its appearance.

If you also include almonds in your daily diet, you will contribute to reinforce the benefits from within, in addition to almonds containing fiber and protein, helping to have a feeling of fullness, hence they are used in many food plans.

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