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Risks of Excessive Alcohol Consumption

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Who does not enjoy a refreshing beer on a hot day? Or a glass of wine at a dinner with friends or family? Alcoholic beverages have functioned as a "social catalyst" for millennia, and the vast majority of people enjoy these regularly.

It is true that there are studies that show that consuming a little alcohol from time to time can even provide health benefits. However, the problem is when we fall into excess consumption of alcoholic beverages. But... From what moment could be considered as abuse?

It varies a lot, depending on each person, their metabolism and even their culture, and contrary to what you imagine, you do not need to get drunk so that you are abusing alcohol. Some specialists point out that if a man consumes more than 15 drinks a week and a woman more than 8, it could be considered as excessive consumption.

It seems that two beers on a hot day hardly hurt, and most likely do not, if you do it occasionally. The problem is when you are introducing alcohol to your body periodically and constantly, since you could cause enough damage to your health.

Drinking alcohol in a prolonged and constant way will increase the chances of damaging your liver, an issue in which you should be careful because this problem in extreme cases leads to complications that can lead to death. Also drinking excessively increases the probability of damaging the pancreas and other organs, as well as affecting your reasoning ability, since over time you will also damage your neurons little by little.

What about the skin? The excessive consumption of alcohol significantly reduces the oxygen levels of your blood and therefore also reduces the production of collagen inside your skin, which is evident in that it loses brightness, elasticity and firmness. Other of the many problems caused by excess alcohol in the skin are related to excessive fat accumulation, dryness, peeling and premature aging of the skin.

Like most things, excesses hurt. The good thing is that we can continue enjoying alcoholic beverages, as long as we do it in moderation. It will always be better to measure yourself and consume them in a responsible way. #ConsentTuCody


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